Novas Tendências em Marketing Intelligence (Portuguese Edition)

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Miller: business direct marketing tools often go under-utilized by clients Quill Corpo pres. Business Marketing , Chicago , 76 8 , Aug. Advertising production connects to database marketing.

João Ricardo Paulo Marques Guerreiro

Direct Marketing , Garden City, 54 4 , Aug. Marketing guide database marketing. Marketing , London UK , May 16 Information: the next battleground. The AMA handbook of markeffng for the service industries. New York , Amacon, Dealing with huge databases requires change in thinking. Computing Ganada , Willowdale, 17 17 , Aug.

Direct Marketing , Garden City, 53 , Jan. Marketing information systems. Management Decision, Yorkshire , 29 4 60, RAPP, S. How our strength became our weakness direct Marketers' database-driven targeting. Direct Marketing , Garden City, 53 , Feb. Slowly they turn database-driven marketing. DEC targets newspapervoice information systems users receive tailored information from newspapers' services while newspapers acquire marketable information about users.

Ufetime value of a customer. How five companies targeted their best prospects. Marketing News , Chicago , 25 4 , Feb. Marketers moving to make data bases actionable. Marketing News , Chicago , 25 4 :8, Feb. Challenge or opportuntties for database marketing editorial. Maybe the difficulty in the definttion is the difference editorial. The devil in direct marketing privacy advocates vs. Lotus Development Corp. Fortune , New York , 5 , Mar. Marketing magicians turn information into profits selective targeting.

Census data base adds up to success demographic and geographic information.

O que há de novo no serviço do Power BI - Power BI | Microsoft Docs

Advertising Age , Chicago , 62 16 :6, Apr. Database marketing-Iackof commttment. Direct Marketing , Garden City, 53 , Mar. The microprocessor revolution database marketing.

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Direct Marketing , Garden City, 53 10 , Feb. Weapon of choice: database. Your members: who are they, where are they and how do they live? Credit Union Management , Madison , 14 9 , Sept. Maximising financiai services: sophisticated database marketing. International Journal of Bank Marketing , Bradford , 9 2 , Here are four steps to maximize your investment in a marketing CIF.

The short circuits of electronic marketing supermarkets. Progressive Grocer , Stamford , 70 , Jan. Cherry-picking by computer: data bases make circulation targets stand out marketing newspapers. Advertising Age , Chicago, 62 S8-S9, Aug.

Jorge S. Coelho

Professional standards in information handling and employee training. A victory for computer populism Lotus Marketplace: Households cancelled due to privacy concerns. Costlier mail to get more intelligent direct-response agencies paring lists and using data bases to reach most qualified prospects. Advertising Age , Chicago , 62 21 , May 20 BIRD, L. Marketing in big brother's shadow privacy concerns threaten database marketing. Successful techniques to reach, recrult and retain members. Databases gaining Importance as markellng tools.

Information Today , Medford , 7 9 , Oct. Agri Marketing , Niles , 28 Oct.

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Reaching the real europe. DALY, Virginia. Slow talking, fast walking phil. Direct Marketing , Garden City, 50 6 , Oct.

ISEG, Universidade de Lisboa

Target Marketing , Philadelphia , 10 6 , June Direct Marketing , Garden City, 53 , Dec. The new direct marketing: how to implement a profit driven database marketing strategy. Homewood , Irwin, Fulfilling the promise of database marketing. Database marketing: do you know who your customers are? Catalog Age , Stamford , 7 8 , Aug. Database marketing Irom pastto presen!. Telemarketing , Norwalk , 9 , Nov. Building marketing informationsystems. Alter 10 years of marketing decision support systems, where's the pay off.

Free standing inertia. Advertising Age , Chicago , 61 29 , July Privacy concerns threaten database marketing. Data-base marketing: building custo mer profiles. Interfaces, Providence , 20 , Jan. Telemarketing for database refmement survey methods. Developing marketing decision support systems. Developing marketing decision support systems in consumer goods firms.

Journal of Consumer Marketing , Chicago , 7 , Winter HUFF, S. Information systems perestroika: opportunities for the s. The CIF and the market planning process customer information file as source of marketing data. Bank Marketing , Chicago , 22 , May Database marketingtargets existing patients clinicaidatabase marketing for follow-up services. Communications infrastructure newspapers advertising through database marketing. Starting a database marketing system newspaper. Informationpartnerships - shared data, shared scale. Harvard Business Review , Boston , 68 5 , Sept. KGF taps data base to target consumers.

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Glrrch-freesystem start-ups sales and marketing automation. Linking up for glitch-free automation. Business Marketing, Chicago , 75 7 ,July Database marketing: strategy and implementation. New York Wiley, Wake up the "sleeping giant' in your credit card files cardholder database as marketing tool. Bank Marketing , Chicago , 22 , Mar. Database marketing fact or fact. Database marketing shortsightedness. Direct Marketing , Garden City, 53 5 , Sept. Count on cartography: researchers plot maps to survey census data using U.

Advertising Age , Chicago , 61 51 , Dec. Strategic information systems for marketing. Sales and Marketing Management , Southeastern, 8 , July Toptechnologies of the '90s. Banking Software Review , Indianapolis , 15 2 , Marketing your hotel: challenges of the '90s. The study employed both a statistical method data analysis and descriptive statistics.

Findings lead to the conclusion that information and knowledge gathered support researched HEIs in their overcoming of challenges, amongst which encouraging strategic course management and innovation, focused on implementing a new vision of the Course Coordinator, as professionals that master how to balance management and pedagogical skills, whilst innovating by resorting to entrepreneurial competencies. Porto Alegre: Bookman, Porto Alegre: Artmed, The virtual corporation: structuring and revitalizing the corporation for 21 st. New York : Harper Collins, Rio de Janeiro: Elsevier, Acesso em: 11 de fevereiro de Innovativeness and performance in women-owned small firms: the role of knowledge acquisition.

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Acesso em: 05 Mai. Investigating the increasing role of public social networks within the innovation process of large, multi-national corporations. Huntsville, Texas, USA. April , Proceedings Editor: Steve Nenninger, Ph. Volume III. ISSN Journal of MIS, v.