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If a flag is placed on the plot, it must be located following the same rules for containers.

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In addition to the containers, baskets on "shepherd" hooks will be permitted. One single shepherd hook will be permitted per marked occupied grave site except for double headstone sites, and then two may be allowed. The hooks shall be located on either side of the marker and must be flush to the marker with the basket hanging directly over the marker.

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No shepherd hooks will be permitted in Third Addition, Block A. Containers on hooks not used by June 15 of each year shall be tagged and removed. If not claimed by the owner within six 6 months, the containers or hooks shall be considered abandoned and may be disposed of by the City. Flowers, natural, dried or artificial, are permitted within the approved containers as listed above. Winter wreaths are also permitted and should be no larger than 24 inches at their widest point and shall be placed on a tripod when possible.

In keeping with the desire to have as natural a setting as possible, environmental concerns and effective grounds maintenance, the use of natural or dried flowers and all natural winter wreaths is encouraged and appreciated. Floral arrangements not in containers or on shepherd hooks will be removed.

The City shall not be responsible for floral pieces, baskets or frames in which, or to which, such floral pieces are attached beyond the day of the burial. Cemetery staff or their agents will remove funeral designs and floral pieces as soon as they become unsightly, and they assume no responsibility for their return. In order for the City to complete fall and spring maintenance, all articles placed on plots are to be removed by October 1 of each year and no placement of articles may be made prior to May 7 of each year. Winter wreaths will be permitted beginning December 1 and must be removed by the following March If there are special circumstances which call for the placing of winter wreaths earlier, please check with the City for arrangements.

The City may remove articles that do not conform with these Rules. All foundations shall be installed to Cemetery requirements. The City may, when it is determined necessary, due to improper installation or poor materials, remove a foundation detracting from the overall condition of the marker, re-level or replace any foundation installed by the City.

The City may also remove from any plot any deteriorated foundation or memorial that was not installed by the City until the owner or original installer pays for the normal charges for an acceptable foundation to be installed. Foundations placed by other than Oakwood Cemetery staff will require a permit available from the Sexton and payment of the site location fee prior to the installation.

The Sexton must approve the size, type, and location of any foundation so requested. The installer will also be financially responsible for any damage to turf, landscape features, markers, monuments, or other cemetery feature. Those installing said foundation may be required to furnish satisfactory evidence of their ability to perform the proposed work and furnish proof of adequate liability and workman's compensation insurance.

All monuments and markers in the upright sections shall be placed on concrete foundations approved by the City, at a cost to be determined by the City Commission. Markers in the flush sections of the Cemetery shall be placed with the tops flush with the ground. If there is more than one marker on a plot, all other markers will be placed with the tops flush with the ground, not to be decorated.

Monuments and markers shall not be delivered to the plots until perpetual care is paid and the foundations have been paid for in full and installed. Orders for foundations installed by the City shall be placed a minimum of two weeks in advance. Foundations will not be placed during the winter months.

All monuments shall be made of durable granite, marble, bronze, or other material approved in advance by the City. Monument retailers and independent stone setters must set all memorials in conformity with Cemetery requirements and in accordance with trade standards of proper methods of handling and setting with non-staining material.

Monuments must be placed at the head of the grave when at all possible. The City may correct any error that may occur in the placing of a monument, marker or foundation. The City assumes no responsibility for assuring that ordered markers and monuments are proper for the area in which they are to be placed and for name placement location. Taller monuments may be considered upon written request to and approval from the City Manager. In the Third Addition Block A maximum size allowed is 12 inches by 24 inches. The City may reject any memorial or improvement which, on account of size, design or inscription, in unsuitable to the plot on which it is to be placed.


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Oakwood Cemetery is not responsible for damage or loss of items left in front of headstones that interfere with mowing and trimming. The Oakwood Cemetery Association reserves the right to remove flowers, wreaths, and decorations that are dead, worn, broken, or otherwise deemed unsightly by the majority of the board or that do not follow these regulations. The Oakwood Cemetery Association reserves the right to remove any perennials, shrub or trees deemed dangerous to the public or that interfere with the maintenance of the cemetery, upon due notice to the lot owner.

The Oakwood Cemetery Association reserves the right to remove, upon due notice to the lot owner, any embellishment on the lot or effigy which, in the opinion of the majority of the board is unsightly, inappropriate or dangerous. All persons shall be allowed access to the cemetery during daylight hours, observing the rules which are in effect and the propriety due the Cemetery.

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No groups of persons or gatherings deemed inappropriate by the Oakwood Cemetery Board are allowed. All pets must be on a leash. Owners must not allow animals to urinate on gravestones or decorations and must clean up all animal waste. Visitors must obey posted speed limits and traffic signs. Traffic must move counter-clockwise on the main roadway.

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All work done in the cemetery shall be done by cemetery employees, or under the control and with the permission of the Oakwood Cemetery Association. Heavy trucking or other vehicular traffic shall be refused entrance to the cemetery when, in the opinion of the Oakwood Cemetery Association injury to roads and driveways might result. In the designated cremation sections of Section J only markers flush with the ground are allowed. Lot owners may not sell or transfer lots or burial rights except as provided for in Section c of the Not for Profit Corporation Law.

The full purchase price must be paid before a deed will be given or burial allowed on the lot. No interment shall be allowed without permission being first obtained by the Oakwood Cemetery Association. Internments in a lot are restricted to those entitled to burial therein according to the terms of Section of the Not for Profit Corporation Law.

Permission for burial of those not entitled to burial according to the said Section must be filed with Oakwood Cemetery Association by the lot owner s.

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Concrete vaults or concrete grave liners shall be required for all graves purchased on or after January 1, , in accordance with the provisions of Cemetery Board Directive The interment of cremated remains shall be permitted only in appropriate rigid receptacles constructed from wood, metal, plastic, or concrete. At the time of application for a full burial, a burial permit is required before an internment can be made. Before a cremation burial, the following information is required.