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  1. Nice place but beware of Silverpoint... - The Suites at Beverly Hills Tenerife
  2. Silverpoints' Palm Beach Clients Fight Back | Timeshare Consumer Association
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Bruce stated that he is 81 and stumbled on this technique now. I am not too far behind!! How excited I am. By the way copper gives a reddish drawing whilst brass a greyish one. Thanks to everyone who share their knowledge. Like Like.

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Dear Joe, Thanks for sharing this. I have not tried copper myself, but it sounds wonderful. I shall definately give it a try! Tried aluminum rod.

Nice place but beware of Silverpoint... - The Suites at Beverly Hills Tenerife

Its wonderful, more dense than either of the others and very soft. A thick rod filed to a bevel will fill large areas in no time. Me too. Can pencil draw in bed and have been doing graphite portraits copied from emailed photos then my brother artist in Ozzie suggested specialising in silverpoint.

Getting excited. John McLinton. Jersey CI Uk.

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This is wonderful. Where can you get the correct wire from?

  • Silverpoint 999, pure silver.
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  • What gauge wires are they? And is there any difference in drawing performance between sterling silver and pure silver?

    Thank you for writing this article. Hallo Jason, and thanks for your comment. The gauge can be anything that works for your style of drawing — from 0. I am not sure of the difference between sterling and pure silver — but cutlery is generally sterling and it works fine. Solid silver is important, because the mark-making depends on the metal being rubbed off onto the surface. By the way, you can also use other metal wires, such as copper or gold the hook on a gold earring should work, even though it is likely to be an alloy.

    Cornellissens sell suitable silver wire cut to suitable lengths to use in a propelling pencil; they also sell mounted silverpoint pencils. Pingback: Silverpoint Experiments — 1 Fiona Mason.

    Silverpoints' Palm Beach Clients Fight Back | Timeshare Consumer Association

    However, it seems that they have landed themselves in even murkier water. Their Palm Beach Club was suffering from loss of owners over a period, and it was becoming unviable for them to upkeep the resort for the owners that remained. They have stated as much in their committee report in The Club simply cannot support this level of unpaid weeks.

    This level of non-paying weeks could mean an additional burden to the members.

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    So, what have RDO members , Silverpoint, done to resolve their problem? Turned the problem on their remaining Palm Beach owners!! However, these owners were quite happy with their life long purchase of their timeshare unit in that specific resort.

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    They have come to know Palm Beach as their second home, and were very much perturbed by the idea that they would be given another unit in a resort that was not known to them. One would have to question why RDO do not offer assistance to Timeshare consumers in this position, however the RDO, although continuing to stipulate that they work on behalf of the timeshare consumer and the resort alike, seem to back the resorts more than the consumer. Timeshare Resale. Search for:. How the FCA will regulate claims management companies and their aim February 4, Pin It on Pinterest.