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Thank you so much in advance and watch this space for more news of the next book - Boris the Bustard and his Birdy Buddies. All 26 poems completed for the next book. Just editing, illustrating and printing to go now. Thanks to everyone who liked or shared this. A very heartening response. It's given me the inspiration I needed to crack on with the second book. Half way through it now. An Animalphabet is a quaintly zany A-Z of illustrated animal poems. For grown-up children and childish grown-ups.

Funny, educational and sometimes eco-friendly. Learn how the cheetah got its name, how the fox changed its diet, what the giraffe can do with its tongue and what on earth quaggas or uakaris are or were.


The Animalphabet — Jared Lichtenstaedter

OK folks. Feb 19, Janet rated it really liked it Shelves: picture-books , readpicbk , concept-abc. A very artistic picture book with vivid colors, small and large die cuts, imaginative flaps to be lifted, as well as a number of tri fold pages. This is also a question and answer book, once a letter is presenter than a question is asked leading one to guess what the next animal will be. I especially liked the nightingale and octopus illustrations as well as the flamingoes.

The AnimAlphabet Song (excerpt)

Apr 04, Tasha rated it really liked it Shelves: picture-books. Immediately upon opening this book, young listeners are presented with flaps to lift. It invites them to explore and find out what is going to happen. The book is an alphabet book presented as a guessing game where flaps and page turns reveal the answers. The book begins with ant for A and moves all the way through the alphabet using animals for each letter, ending with the logical zebra.

As each animal enters, the book asks a question of the reader. The book is a journey and a quest, from the answering of the questions with animals that start with a specific letter to the turning of each page to reveal a new creature. Other times, readers will need to think a bit before guessing.

The book forms an entire circle, moving from zebra right to ant as the answer for the final question in the book. The illustrations play a huge role in the pleasure of this book. They are filled with peep holes, flaps to lift, pages to open and much more. The illustrations are full of bright colors, entire habitats, and jaunty animal figures. The joy here is a tactile and mental one combined, making it a very successful and never-dull alphabet book. Beautifully designed and executed, this one will be a favorite. Appropriate for ages Apr 29, Kathryn Nine Pages rated it it was amazing Shelves: picture-books-picture-storybooks.

Review first published on my blog, Nine Pages. There is a great deal to love in this book too. Sometimes the flaps are large and sometimes they are small.

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Simply interacting with the pages was fun and exciting, but the whole book too is a guessing game. A tige Review first published on my blog, Nine Pages. There are peep-through holes in many creative shapes in the pages that hint at the following page but rarely at the hidden animal. Often the question itself hints at the upcoming animal, mentioning some act associated with that animal, as snakes are known to slither and tigers are known for their growls. For a primer, this is a very delicate book, but what a wonderfully colorful, wonderfully creative book.

I think its silliness, its beauty, and its creativity will shine for older readers too. I hope that they will. Jun 21, Zanna Goldhawk rated it really liked it.

Animalphabet Synopsis

The illustrations are stunning, and the flaps and holes in the pictures that reveal the next creative make the story so much more exciting. My only wish would be that it the story had been a little simpler, and not tried to connect each animal to the next. May 03, Margaux rated it it was amazing Shelves: children-s , modern , picture-books. I have to say this book was so thoughtful, and exploring the different elements that pull away from each page was a genuine delight. Prepare for lots of questions though: I've never heard of an X-Ray Fish myself, and I doubt many alphabet-learners will have heard of an Umbrella Bird.

Illustrations are vibrant and stylized. Really, really pretty book.


Jan 31, Emily rated it it was amazing Shelves: iris , beautiful-illustrations , animals , alphabet. Gorgeous illustrations and so fun to read with all the flaps and unusual page shapes. I think this would be a hit with young elementary school students who know the alphabet and animals well enough to understand how the progression works and make their own guesses I remember passing The Z Was Zapped around my elementary library, and I think this would work much the same. Apr 25, Pam rated it liked it Shelves: picture-books.

Lovely illustrations. An alphabet book that takes readers through animals for each letter. Donaldson asks a question and answers it with the next animal - including going back to the beginning after the zebra.

Mar 24, Joan Marie rated it it was amazing Shelves: , eye-candy , love-the-illustrations , pub-dial-books-for-young-readers , preschool , toddler , concept-books , novelty , good-for-discussion. And what a great book for teaching more than the alphabet. Playful comparisons of size, sounds, actions. Plus, exploring the wonderful use of die-cuts in illustration. I consider this a definite winner all around! Apr 16, Susan rated it it was amazing Shelves: picture-books. This beautiful but simple book has so much to love: gorgeous peek-a-boo illustrations, riddle-like questions that will keep readers turning pages and also teaches little ones about comparisons , and a fun ending that encourages rereading.

Nov 24, Vanessa rated it it was amazing Shelves: picture-books. Beautiful way to learn about animals and the alphabet for young children.

Dec 23, Marcie rated it it was amazing Shelves: zmock-caldecott , preschool , zccba-possibles , good-read-aloud , zclel-bellshortlist-read , alphabet-counting-book , zlikes-and-loves. I think kinders and preschool will love this alphabet guessing game. Won't survive too long in the library but I love it. Jan 28, Debbie Tanner rated it really liked it Shelves: compare-contrast , art , animals , figurative-language , abc-books , vocabulary , oral-language.

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