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2. Vacation scam

The phrasing will often be very vague and generalized, i. Scammers will sometimes ask you to send them images of your work and then tell them a price. This is all information that should be displayed clearly on your website, so the solution is simply to direct them to your online shop or gallery. Goes without saying, always bears repeating. A request for personal information is always, always a giant red flag.

Do not give away social security numbers, bank account information, or your personal address.

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But once again- this is It is very, very easy to execute a secure transaction online without you ever having to provide your personal information to a potential collector. Your best defense against scams is to use a solid shopping cart interface for all Internet transactions, refuse to accept non-traditional payment methods, and never, ever give away personal information on the Internet. Your best response is to ignore it and move on, or possibly submit a complaint to the FTC using the link below.

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Better Business Bureau — tips on avoiding art scams. Do you find yourself a frequent recipient of art scam attempts? Do you notice common tactics? Please share your experiences in the comments. Protecting yourself in the online world is so key! I am a self taught professionally trained. I have sold several pieces of my art works and creative photography in the real world person to person. I get great feedback and make a little cash but I had joined several art and photography buy and sell groups online and had accounts from and never drew one nickel from sales except the one from my husbands purchase from smug mug.

He was charged 90 dollars for 4 coasters and one mouse pad. I received 40 dollars from the sale on pay pal, but never sold anything else at all from smug mug art pal fine art America sacchi art shutterstock Shutterfly dreamstime big stock and several more not listed. I never sold anything else EVER, so is it all a scam? They provide worldwide access to archival printing, framing, shipping, and best of all they securely handle the money.

Actual audio recordings of scammers captured in mid-con provide a useful window into tactics used to take your money. Did you ever hear of someone who fell for a seemingly preposterous scam and wonder what got him or her to fall for it? AARP researchers, working with law enforcement and other sources, have collected hundreds of undercover audiotapes of con men making their pitches.

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Dating & romance | Scamwatch

Be prepared to be offended. The one correct reaction when you get an unsolicited phone pitch : Simply hang up. Let me go to work for you. You are holding me back Give me 1 per- cent of your confidence, Jim, and I will earn the other There is no doubt in my mind that by holding on to it for the next three years I know you are there.

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Pick up the phone and stop playing games. Want me to come over there and set your home on fire? Do you understand this?

You cannot hang up. We have to go through with this. We have your information. We just have to verify it, OK? The reason of this call is to inform you that IRS is filing lawsuit against you. To get more information about this case file, please call immediately on our department number I believe that percent. Each day is a blessing Thank you and God bless you. A big loser. I think you are terrible.

Scam Alerts

Ben Franklin was one of the smartest Americans we ever had. It is a process that has actually been proven to kill cancer cells, okay? I am an inspector at U. Customs in Platts- burg, New York. The rea- son why Customs held the package is there is an unpaid balance of tax- es.