Plump for Him (Changed for Him)

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We are all ugly to someone and perfect to another. Sometimes the things we desire and the things other people desire are not in alignment. Great human beings recognize that and move on, terrible human beings use it as an opportunity to step on others to make themselves feel better. Be the best you can be and find someone that loves you and stands by you when you are at your worst. Unless you feel, that for some God-forsaken reason you deserve to, and should be treated in this way. Possible offenses would be not sharing the last piece of cake with him, cheating at jacks and pic-up-stix how could you???

Now, if you did any of these things, or things like this, then perhaps you do deserve someone who will verbally and emotionally and spiritually abuse you. He's not your boyfriend.

Plump Trump still in very good health | Inquirer News

You have low self esteem just by your question you can read who you are. If you had esteem you'd of let him have it. But play his game by exercising daily and eat but make sure you burn it. Then when you loose it you burn his asss by dumping him and finding. Believe me a thousand percent. It's simple animals have done the same job on this earth mother hatches them teaches them guide them let them go simple. But as adults we don't care. Loose the weight for your health and to show him you can do it.

I used to weigh pounds fat slob if you see me now I'm taller slimmer and sexier not that it counts the sexy part but not even a teen ager can guess my age I seem to be of their peers but I could be their grandmother if they really wanted my age. By others make people think that's the problem nope its not it's that you don't have someone parent who really loved you otherwise you'd say to him fuck off cunt,sorry I'm out And go. Your in need of someone to love and encourage you. Sign In. Quora uses cookies to improve your experience. Read more. What should I do if my boyfriend calls me ugly and fat?

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Answered Dec 1, My boyfriend has gotten fat and ugly over the years. Should I break up with him? Is it acceptable for my boyfriend to call me ugly and other similar names for fun? What should I do when my boyfriend says I look ugly in a certain picture? Answered May 15, Originally Answered: My boyfriend called me fat. Do I need to break up with him or can we fix this somehow? There is no way to tell which on quora.

Plump Trump still in very good health

Answered Oct 3, Two things: One, fuck this dude. What should I do if a guy calls me fat? Why did my boyfriend call me ugly and what should I do? What is the least confrontational way to tell my boyfriend I'm going to dump him if he gets even a little fat? Is it bad that I made an ugly boy my boyfriend? Answered Aug 26, Originally Answered: My boyfriend calls me ugly and fat. Should we break up? Run, don't walk away from him. Shortly after our A levels, Desmond told me that he had been carrying a torch for me. I was touched by his confession and accepted his love. After all, he was dependable, thrifty and filial.

Definitely husband material, I thought.

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The first couple of years were blissful. We would talk about our goals — he wanted to study business and I wanted to devote myself to non-profit work. Everything about our relationship felt right. For the next three years, I coped with our long-distance relationship the best I could. I gave tuition to six kids and took on a part-time administrative job while juggling my own undergraduate studies — just to be able to afford the airfare to visit him during term breaks.

I would lug packets of herbal tea and bak kut teh, as well as other readymade sauces to cook for him. I even cleaned up his dorm room when I visited. When he returned to Singapore, I thought we could finally start planning for our future. By then, we were both 25 and had been dating for five years.

His parents also hinted that we should consider settling down. Somehow, somewhere down that perfect path, something went wrong. And it all started when he joined an MNC. At that time, I was clocking in irregular hours as a social worker.

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It was then that the disappearing acts started. At first, he would not reply to my SMSes for hours.

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  4. Sometimes he would vanish for days. Finally, he told me that he wanted a break. I was devastated as I did not know what I did wrong. I pleaded with him to tell me why but he remained tight-lipped. I blamed myself and even wrote him an e-mail to say how sorry I was for pressurising him to settle down. The emotional hurt and confusion was overwhelming. Luckily, friends rallied around me. He told me that he wanted me back in his life.

    People were LAUGHING at me because I was OVERWEIGHT

    Looking back, I should have been puzzled by this unexpected twist. Later, a friend told me he saw Desmond holding hands with a woman at the cinema. So I decided to investigate on my own. I checked his mobile phone and noticed that he had been exchanging flirty SMSes with a woman. I wanted to ascertain the identity of this woman so I snooped on his MSN. I also checked his e-mail inbox — he had given me his password in better times but I had never done this before.

    I found a long list of confirmation e-mails — movies, air tickets, even hotels! As I read those MSN logs and e-mails, it dawned upon me that he had been cheating on me for at least a year. Sometimes, he would watch one movie with me and then leave me to watch another movie with her in the same theatre. He had even taken her to Tokyo for a week. Then, there was a long list of hotel bookings.

    You only fully understand the importance of an individual once that person is removed from your life. When it comes to life, human beings are like little children playing with electronics. They love their gadgets and are fascinated with trying to figure out how everything works.

    Sometimes the only way to figure out how useful something is, is by removing it entirely and seeing what happens. If love exists as a tangible substance, which many seem to believe, then it only seems logical that true love must prevail. Whether the hand of destiny is pushing us in the direction or whether we are almost unconsciously moving towards a goal without understanding that we are, such love has a way of coming back around. With a bit of faith and love in your heart, miracles can happen. Photo Courtesy: We Heart It.